Vienna New Years Concert 2018 tickets

This is your chance to finally see the famous Vienna New Year’s Concert live! We specialise in sourcing premium New Year’s Concert tickets even when they are no longer available through the regular channels. The Vienna Philharmonic has a long  tradition of presenting a new year’s concert consisting of the vast repertoire of Johann Strauss and its contemporaries. Broadcasted live on television over 80 countries it enjoys great international popularity. This is your chance to get tickets for The New Year’s Concert Tickets 2017-2018! Thanks to many years of experience ProvidingTickets can arrange any ticket, just send us your request and we will send you a personal offer very soon!

 New Year’s Concert 2018 Tickets

1st January 11:15 am

(Also: The Preview Performance 30th Dec. 2017 & The New Year’s Eve Concert 31st Dec. 2017)

Vienna Philharmonic Musikverein (Golden Hall of the Musikverein)

All ticket categories available: Floor Seats, Parterre Logen Seating, Balkon Seating, Balkon Logen Seating, Galerie Seating, Orgelbalkon Seating and Standing Room Tickets.

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About The New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic.

(Das Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker)

Performed annually on 1st January, this concert tradition was started on 31st December 1939 under the guidance of legendary Austrian director Clemens Krauss, who is mostly associated with the music of Richard Strauss (not related to the famous Strauss family).

Founded in 1842 and best known for their brilliant rendering of the Strauss waltzes, it took a while before the Vienna Philharmonic (Wiener Philharmoniker) actually embraced the romantic music of the Strauss family: it was not until they had met Johan Strauss Jr. in person and had played his waltz “Wiener Blut” that they began to appreciate the music of this prodigiously talented family: at the time, being a classical musician equalled high social standing, a position not to be risked by venturing to play the highly popular music of the Strausses.

For many people, hearing this orchestra perform is a life-changing event, not least because the orchestra manages to retain an 18th century sound – the so-called ‘Viennese Sound’ – playing unique instruments such as the Viennese horn and the Viennese bassoon in a venue that is renowned for its stupendously fine acoustics. Indeed, these days, tickets for the performance by the Vienna Philharmonic at the Vienna New Year’s Concert are in such high demand that waiting lists are growing longer and longer, mainly because specific rules apply when purchasing Vienna New Year’s Concert tickets.

At ProvidingTickets, however, we are able to secure coveted hospitality and VIP tickets for this world-famous music event that gives you a taste of Imperial Vienna. Apart from the opportunity to listen to breathtaking renditions of compositions by the Strauss family, you will also be treated to the timeless, romantic melodies of other legendary Austrian composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Lanner and Franz Schubert.

Do you normally watch the Vienna New Year’s Concert on television but are looking for tickets now so you can actually be there in the “Großer Saal“ of the Musikverein to hear the “Radetzky March” and “The Blue Danube” being performed live? Just contact us and we will be able to sort out all your ticketing requirements for the Vienna New Year’s Concert!